#IngressPrime Agent YellowLightning (RES) Previously known as: aleccale (RES, L8) Subject13 (RES, L16), YellowLightning (ENL, L16) I love to plan and realize events, as well as to produce wacky swag.
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  • A team of 4 Ingress Agents has made it their business to create special, unique Swag and distribute it for free (if possible) to other Agents. The Swag Guild was born.
    For the #darsanaprime Anomaly in #nuremberg we thought about a special pin with BioCard which honours an old #Ingress tradition which was invented by the agents Maxomas & Nexus5Maximus. Our mission was simple: to develop, produce and distribute in a little more than 2 months. We decided to limit the sets to 120 pieces. They were distributed by some Ingress Agents (RabbitBeast, UPafus, Crytix, ITHexe, FanTasMo, Nexus5Maximus, Turmsturm & Seelean). Each distributor was allowed to decide how to distribute the Swag and to whom. Here you can see some pictures of the lucky ones who got a set.

    Thx to all distributors!

    The Swag Guild (ITHexe, FanTasMo & YellowLightning)

    #darsanaprimenbg #ingressprime #ingressswag #beerandcake #bierundkuchen #kelheim
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  • Meeting Devra at the Groupphoto in Nuremberg #darsanaprimenbg #ingressprime #ingressleipzig
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  • Hitting #darsanaprimenbg with some free swag to give away
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  • After Factionchange to blue
    and the 5th restart it needs new clothes for the Anomaly in March.

    #ingressprime #darsanaprime #no5isalive
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  • Since the Enlightened's Informed Players are faster than I post my Recurse to Blue. Actually, I don't have to post anything. Most of you might have known before I did my first hack this morning

    But for the people who don't know it yet: pssst I am now untrusted 馃槃

    #ingressprime #ingressleipzig
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  • Leveling in Ingress has always been the best aspect of the game for me. Meanwhile I have started 4 times from the beginning in the last 6 years. For each faction I started twice. Simulacrum technology is therefore the best innovation from Prime for me.

    Today I have reached the 40 million again and started my second recurse.

    In memory of my accounts:
    aleccale (RES, deleted)
    Subject13 (RES, FC)
    YellowLightning (ENL, recursed twice)

    #ingresssprime #ingressstories #ingressleipzig
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  • #ingressFS in #Leipzig am 3. März 2019, kommt verkleidet und erhaltet ein kleines Präsent. (Solange der Vorrat reicht!) #ingressprime #ingressleipzig
    Telegram: t.me/ifslechat
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  • In November 2018 #Niantic released the AI. Here you can communicate with Jarvis and Ada. But the statistics seem to be stagnating at the moment, so no progress can be seen at the moment. The recruiting posters are mostly meaningless. Let's see what the future holds.

    #ingressprime #augmentedreality
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  • Come on #Enlightened agents, go out and hack all the portals! #darsanaprime
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  • At the February #IngressFS in Leipzig many agents were there again. It was exciting that we had players from Tokyo and Nuremberg as guests. The AfterParty was really great this time, there was a NL-1331-X badge to win and many other prizes including a 4-pack Leipziger Gose for the longest journey. At a late hour the best band in the world stood on stage and gave their best at karaoke.

    It was a great day, thanks to everyone who was there and we are looking forward to everyone who will be there next time at the #IFSLE
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