• Agents, it's time to tease you. With the Abaddon Anomaly series straight ahead we will push our first advertising card for the upcoming Umbra Anomaly in Dresden.

    This will be card one in a set of three, a thrilling story and an unexpected outcome. Card one will be available in Amsterdam as part of your ENL kit and on events like Mission Days and First Saturdays. Card two will show up at selected Q3 events and the final card three will only be available in Dresden during Umbra itself.


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  • Agents the anomalies for 2019 have been released. Check your internal websites for registrations and track event registrations with Niantic!


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    Events – Ingress Prime
    The discovery of Exotic Matter (XM), a mysterious energy, has divided mankind into two Factions. Choose your side and band together to explore this strange world - and maybe even control it.
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  • Niantic Registration pages for the Abaddon Prime anomalies are online.

    RSVP here for:



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  • Hello agents!
    During the last weeks we could get a lot of feedback from you. To a First Saturday and in Nuremberg at the Anomalie, as well as the Mission Day.

    For this reason the verification of the profile was deactivated first, since this led to some misunderstandings. This option will be implemented in a new form. I will contact Resistance and Enlightened again to create a unique authentication. According to the motto: One agent, one profile.

    There was a lot of criticism about the current design. This will also be revised and hopefully to your wishes.

    There are now the following tasks, which will be processed as quickly as possible:
    - Goggle Plus import
    - Design adaptations
    - Conversion from names to agent names
    - Adjustment of categories, with cover for Ingress
    - Adaptation of the forum

    The forum is now also available and can be used.

    Let's show Niantic together that we as a community can do it before June.
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  • Hello, agents,
    whoever meets the agent Crytix personally on the anomaly weekend in Nuremberg has the chance of a little surprise.
    You are welcome to inquire there personally about the stand of myingress.net. Make suggestions and criticisms.

    Maybe there are also other agents who will distribute this little surprise to you.

    You're not in yet? Then register for Nuremberg.

    #DarsanaPrime #Nuremberg #Germany
    Darsana Prime Nuremberg
    Explorer Hank Johnson has discovered the existence of the "Darsana Point", a theoretical point where humanity's understanding of the universe becomes unlimited. Hank is seeking the two Darsana Lenses so the Resistance can help humanity reach this point -- while Roland Jarvis wants the lenses for the Enlightened, to prevent the Darsana Point.
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  • It was quiet for a long time. We are currently developing two ways to import the content from google. Unfortunately, we have small problems, which have a big impact on the appearance.

    Therefore we recommend the following:
    Use the following software for exporting: https://gplus-exporter.friendsplus.me/
    Export contributions there as json and wait until we're done.

    Please note that contributions which are public are also imported as public here. Private or contributions for friends are imported here as contributions for friends. If you are not sure, only export the public contributions.

    Comments can be imported, but have no user reference in the network.

    Thanks for your patience
    Google+ Exporter
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  • We are aware that the categories currently do not match on Ingress. A revision is currently taking place. If this is available, you will be informed and should check your settings in Groups, Pages, Marketplace, Events.

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  • We request support from Niantic

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