My Ingress Network - Ingress Social Network Platform

We are a Ingress Fan-site. Not officially affiliated with Ingress or Niantic Labs.

The incentive

We see ourselves as a classic social network. Since a well-known network closes its doors for private individuals, we have decided to provide a platform for enthusiastic players of Ingress.

The focus here is on communicating and sharing beautiful moments of anomalies, Mission Days, First Saturdays and all other Ingress related issues.


We are independent of every faction in Ingress. Groups and pages can be created, but we will not integrate individual tools. On request we are happy to link to various web contents of the respective faction.

We are happy to integrate other applications that promote a community. The connection should always be considered as an Ingress Agent in its entirety. Most of us enjoy the social part of this game very much, so please accept that we won't take sides.